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Glowing Green Arrow Necklace

Glowing Green Arrow Necklace

Glowing Green Arrow Necklace

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The most powerful weapons are often the simplest ones. With its enchanting glow, this arrowhead is sure to find its mark at any time of day.


  • Made with a high-quality metal alloy.
  • Glows brightly at night (or in the day) 
  • The light/glow is charged through sun exposure.
  • Lifespan is 20+ years
  • Comes with multiple sizes for the perfect fit.
  • Size: If unsure go up 1 size

These handcrafted Arrowheads are designed to be subtle, yet striking, especially in the dark. The glow of this necklace can be recharged using natural light or any light source.

Great for everyday wear or as a gift. 

**Please note that as the Sterling Silver Arrowhead is handcrafted, only a limited quantity is available each month.

Materials: Zinc Alloy or Sterling Silver, Glow in the Dark Enamel
Pendant size: 5cm (2")

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