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Invisible Air High Insoles

Invisible Air High Insoles

Invisible Air High Insoles

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Become More Confident by Adding 1 INCH to Your Height!

  • Become Taller: instantly add an extra inch to your height
  • Boost Self Esteem: feel more confident with your new found height
  • Comfortable to Wear: super soft material cushions and molds to your foot
  • Protects Feet: prevents extra pressure and shields cracked heels
  • Easy to Clean: wash quickly with warm water and soap
  • Invisible to Others: wear it under your socks

Add Another INCH to Your Height

Add Air High's to your socks to instantly add 1 inch to your height. It's enough to make you feel more confident, but not so much that others are suspicious.

Simply strap them around the back of your heel and voila! You've gone from 5'11 to a solid 6'0 feet. 

Just like that, you can increase your self-esteem 10x.

Keeps Feet Protected From Damage

Soft and elastic thermoplastic elastomer keeps your heels cushioned at all times. 

This heel insole shields heels with callouses and cracks. It even protects inflamed tissues while absorbing shock and halting extra pressure.

Not to mention it can improve balance and foot strength!

It's the ultimate insole that works non-stop to benefit you.

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