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Rainbow Runner - LED Butterfly Dance Wings

Rainbow Runner - LED Butterfly Dance Wings

Rainbow Runner - LED Butterfly Dance Wings

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Spread Your Wings And Get The Party Started!

Includes FREE Sticks for the full butterfly effect!

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This stunningly bright and one-of-a-kind costume will undoubtedly impress your friends and family for any occasion.

Start glowing with a flick of the switch and light up the stage in no time! Simply pop in 3 AA batteries, tie it around you and just like that, you're ready to shine!

Created with energy conservation lights that are not only 100% customizable  but also extremely safe, this costume has brought endless hours of fun and joy to all our customers - across ALL ages! 

Perfect for any event - dance festivals, children's parties, costume competitions, carnivals, birthday parties, Christmas, special occasions etc....the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 

Rainbow LED Lights - Give that "rainbow pop" to your wings and be the star of YOUR show!

Unique Design - Handcrafted by some of the best costume designers in the world and uniquely created with an LED feature that's second to none. Instantly making the magic happen as soon as the rainbow lights come on.

Light Up Every Event - Whether it's for your dance recitals or dance parties, we've got you covered. Add more jazz to your dance-step and make yourself stand out from the crowd!

Specifications - 

Adult: (5ft) Wing span (10ft) 

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