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STEER: Don't Fall Asleep While Driving

STEER: This Wearable Device Will Not Let You Fall Asleep While Driving

When you have a long journey ahead of you, it can be hard to stay awake. 25% of car accidents happen because the driver is drowsy. Those odds aren’t the best to be dealing with as a driver. STEER uses the power of science to prevent you from falling asleep while driving.

This is a bracelet you wear on your arm that analyzes key factors (heart rate, skin conductance). These factors indicate whether you’re about to fall asleep or not.

STEER Wearable Device

As you start to fall asleep, the device uses a yellow light and vibration to warn you about your state. If your state keeps progressing it sends a small electric shock that wakes you up and revitalizes you. This helps you continue your journey with a clear mind.

STEER shock bracelet

If you’re dealing with a long commute, this is a great product to use. It makes sure you’ll get to work and back safe and sound.

Also, if you’re often going on long trips this device would be a great thing to utilize.

STEER wristband

Many drowsy drivers often deal with “micro-sleep.” This is only a period of 30 seconds or less where you lose consciousness, but if it happens when you’re driving it could be the difference between life or death. This tool completely prevents that from happening due to its state-of-the-art technology.

Keep STEER close to you and every drive will be a safe one.

STEER Anti-sleep Device

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